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Wine Bottle Cup

Wine Bottle Cup

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Looking for something unique and stylish to liven up your home bar? Look no further than these creative red wine champagne glass cups with silicone seals that add flavor and flair to every sip you take. These crystal glasses are designed to be easy to clean and fun to display, allowing them to blend in perfectly with any bar ware collection. Enjoy the full bodied flavour of your favourite whiskey or spirit as you relax, top-off your glass, and toast the guests of honour at an elegant affair. Put on the accompanying bottle seal and enjoy drinks directly from the bottle while making a statement. Let this personalized accessory help enhance your experience while celebrating the finer things in life. Don't forget it makes an excellent gift for those you appreciate most! Make sure not to miss out on getting this 500ml glass cup - indulge right away!




Type: Glass cup
Product Component: Whisky Glass Cup
Color: Clear
Size: As shown in the pics
Material: Glass
Technology: Manual blowing
Capacity: 500ml

Package List:
1 * Glass Cup

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